Bridging WordPress with XenForo but combining user panel

I'm in the process of developing a deal site using WordPress and using XenForo for the forum, but I face a problem with user accounts and bridging the two platforms. First of all, I want to allow the user to create an account either through WP or xF, and that one signup will grant access to both platforms. Secondly, is it possible to make one universal user panel that has functions for the deal site and for the forum all in one login?

Here are the functions of both user panels:
Deal Site user panel: user can save coupons, save favourite stores, customize email newsletter with stores of their choice
Forum user panel: your typical XenForo options like postings, activity log, etc.

Is it possible to combine the two? This is not simply accomplished by using an add-on to bridge the two like XenScripts because that's more for showing threads on WordPress. I'm trying to make one user panel that contains the functions of both so you don't have to go back and forth between the deal site or forum to use certain user account functions.


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You'd want to create your own login-registration page and use the wp_create_user function. At the same time the form would create a new user in XenForo. A new field could be added to the WordPress side to match the XenForo userID just as XenScripts adds thread_id to WordPress.

These two links might give a good start to such a project.

This would not be an easy task.

The XenForo modifications would also require login redirected to your new form, which has registration, etc.
Thanks, this addresses the first part of my question. As for the second part, I want a universal user panel that combines the user panel for a deal website (functions such as save coupons, save favourite stores, customize email newsletter, etc.) and the user panel of a forum (functions such as history of posts, watched threads, etc.). This would make it simpler for the user to be able to access the user panel from anywhere on the site instead of making them go to the main page to access deal functions or going to the forum to access the forum user panel.