Branding Removal


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I have a few questions. I'm looking at buying xenForo in the near future. I was looking at the buy page and it says $140 for a license. Then underneath it says "extras" $250 branding removal.

Does that mean $140 + $250 = $390? or just $250?

If it is just $250 for the software & brand removal, is it possible to upgrade from from branded, to non-branded? Assuming about $100 more? Or is it $250 more?

Is there any chance of a discount promotion coming anytime soon?


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By "about $100 more", he meant $140 + $110 = $250. I can't see a discount (like the 24 hour sale) coming any time soon, as the software's already at a great price.

It's 100% $390 total. You can see this for yourself by simply adding the branding removal to your cart!


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Perhaps it should be asked like this: Can you buy the normal license now, and then in 6 months purchase the branding removal option?

steven s

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I probably we be opting for brand free to provide an additional contribution to XenForo Ltd.
At least it will be tax deductible that way, I think. :)