XF 1.2 Branding Removal problem


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I had installed spanish language and:

-Search "Forum software by XenForo" but doesn't appear
-Search "Software de foro Xenforo" and delete it
-But then I still have the link on the footer but in english "Forum Software by XenForo"
-I search the phrase "Forum Sofware by Xenforo" and now apper but I don't have the option to delete that phrase (the red "X" doesn't appear now).


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I replied on your other thread but just to reiterate...

If you purchase branding removal and then upgrade, the copyright will be automatically removed.

If you purchase branding removal and don't plan to upgrade, you can just edit the xenforo_copyright phrase and remove the text.

It will then be automatically removed the next time you upgrade, so the edited phrase can be reverted.