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Boxxy - The return of the Queen!!

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So after seeing a fail pic on some random topic of Boxxy. I figured why not google her up and find out more of the whole drama story that happened in 2009. I finally stumbled on a vido of her. After seeing a comment on youtube "She is back!"

So she is really back strange she is indeed, is it her, an other troll? For sure her in my opinion.

This is her introduction vid explaining not much but yeah thats Boxxy as we know...


Will she domain the internet once again with her crazy acting vids, will her up coming vids be better then the old Boxxy vids?

What about the flame war will there come yet an ohter battle between haters and lovers?

She does seem to be active already: (her new channel)

Her call to arms:


Your opinion, did you know this info already or just found out about it like me today? (Not an active youtube user I'm.)


lol, nonsense threads like this exist on the site, but my post gets deleted.

nothing changes here huh .. what a shame how this community has gone to crap so quickly.

have fun deleting this one as well. i think we've learned by now that we dont have to care one bit.


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I think it's perfectly clear that this community has not 'gone to crap' despite your continued attempts to make it so. This is an off-topic forum and the threads within it are therefore off-topic. Like some, don't like some, it doesn't matter. Your post was deleted because it was full of profanity and was entirely inappropriate.
Not open for further replies.