Bouncing SMTP


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For some special reason we cant use the standard protocoll (-f) to send emails from our xf.
So we try the SMTP for sending. The problem now are error messages directly inside the acp (mailbox full, mailadress not existing ...).
With this we have no change for the user´s option, the adress will not be marked for not sending mails anymore.
Also we have no bouncing email.

What i dont understand now:
If xf is able to send me a message that the mailadress cant be send,
it should do the trick and take away these mailadress/useraccount from the list of adresses to send mails.

What can i do now, please?
I really dont want to change the server.


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It sounds like your SMTP server is immediately connecting to and attempting to send the email to the remote server, returning the result to you. This seems like a bad idea as there are legitimate reasons to need to automatically retry, nevermind the fact that it's likely much slower. The expectation (and how SMTP normally works here) is that you hand the mail off to the SMTP server and it asynchronously sends. If it fails, it reports back to the return path.

This would have to be a configuration within the SMTP server. I assume it's not changable so independent of the errors being returned immediately, it's likely not appropriate for a script usage like this. I could only recommend a different SMTP service (or identifying why the built-in mail isn't an option).


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Thank you.
1&1 - a big hoster in Germany is not able to resolve IP and domaine and domaine and IP in the correct way, if you use https://, because the domaine targets the ssl proxy server, but the ip targets the real domaine. Because of this all mails coming from our domain/ip are denied from all big mailhosters.

Now we can wait till t1&1 solve their problem; change the server or stop sending any mails. :)