XF 1.3 Bot problem


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Hello, I have a problem on my website : http://xencrea.com

Online now: 41 (+130 yesterday...).
The site is overrun with bots, I tried all sorts of things and addons, but they come back all the time and a lot of bandwidth is unnecessarily consume.

Have you a solution for remove the bot trafic please ? Thanks.


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When I'm looking at your site, it is saying that the viewers are all guests. Is that your problem - 41 or 130 members who are all guests? Are you sure these are bots?

The anti-spam measures will only help prevent registration of bots. It won't stop viewing of the site - which won't help you if you really are having bandwidth problems. In order to prevent "bots" (if they are bots) from consuming bandwidth as guests, you'd have to change your site policies to hide content from guests... which will also hide content from anyone else who visits your site.

Why do you think these are bots who are online? Your site is indexed in Google and you have a bunch of referral links in the Resource Manager here.