Cannot reproduce Border Style and Width Missing on Many Style Properties


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This isn't a major issue and may not be considered something to be "fixed," but it can cause problems, something @Russ helped me with a long time ago.

A long time ago when I was styling, I noticed if I added custom CSS to the EXTRA.css template, some of that custom CSS would mess up other areas of the forum, such as the forum list, even if the CSS wasn't related to that area. The borders would turn white or disappear, and it wasn't because the CSS was malformed (I double-checked). This was because on style properties with a defined border color, there were some that had no style or width selected for the border. How they caused issues, I don't know, but adding border style and width resolved the issues.

The following style properties have a defined border color, but not a style and width:

Login Bar:
  • Text Control
PageNav, Link Groups and Tabs:
  • PageNav Current Page Link
  • PageNav Page Link, Hover Link
  • Text Control, Focused State
  • Button, Focused State
  • Button Hover State
  • Button, Active State
  • Button, Disabled
Rich Text Editor:
  • Editor Toolbar Button (Hover)
Form-Type Overlays:
  • Text-Control
  • Tabs Container
  • Tab
Discussion List:
  • Item Page Nav Link, Hover State
BB Code Elements:
  • BB Code Quote
I'll see if I can find the thread Russ helped me in later.


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Please provide a specific example to demonstrate the broken case and the fixed case. I unfortunately have no idea what you're reporting and just overriding a border color is valid (the other elements would be inherited).