XF 1.4 Border Radius Missing When Hovering over Sub-Navigation Items


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There used to be a border radius of five pixels when I hovered over New Posts, Search Forum, etc. However, now there's not, despite it showing there are five pixels of border radius in the style property, as seen below:


I suspect my co-worker did something accidentally when he was tweaking something a while ago, because when I inspect the CSS, there's no radius even though the style property shows it having radius:


I just searched, and the only custom CSS with zero pixels is .button.smallButton.

If someone could look at the site and help me out, that'd be great. Maybe I'm missing something: http://www.kh-flare.net/forums/


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@Nights resolved this the other night.

Nights changed some code so that the navigation dropdown menus open when you hover over them instead of the arrows, which were removed. Somehow it also affected the sub-navigation items.