XF 2.1 Bookmarks location


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How can i move bookmarks back to this location? I don't see any option on acp.


There isn't an option for it.

Unfortunately not a lot of people who supported the original location were vocal enough, so it was moved to the account menu.
ok.. but by moving (hiding) it on account menu without a option to move it back on that location you "killed" this feature on launch...
now i need to hire a third-party dev to move it back there >_<
yes its true, i didnt say anything, i forgot all about it, but i liked orignal spot,

i hop there is option in future

i will use bespoke add-on for now


I hope you can get it moved to where you want, but I happen to like the location.

I am new to XF and had no problem bookmarking things and finding the list, so I would not call it hidden. I thought you might appreciate the perspective.
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