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Bluepearl-skins.com - Free XenForo Skins

Sean James

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** Skin updated for XenForo 1.0.4**

Our Free XenForo Skins


^^ Preview: Darkness


^^ Preview: BP-Brown

Brown Gaming XenForo Skin and simplier brown version.

If anybody finds any bugs please let me know.

Older versions can be downloaded from our site http://www.bluepearl-skins.com/forums/forum/93-free-xenforo-skins-styles/

* Templates may not be redistributed or released on any other site without my permission. *

Read this XenForo thread to view our premium skins


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Sean James

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Darkness a gaming XenForo skin is now also available for free.
Files and screenshots attached to first post.


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Does this skin come in both fluid and fixed widths? if not, when one changes this in the style options will it break the logo? or any other part.

Sean James

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Does this skin come in both fluid and fixed widths? if not, when one changes this in the style options will it break the logo? or any other part.

The skin can be both fluid and fixed. The package contains the fluid version only atm.
To make the skin fixed simply edit the extra.css template and modify #darkbord.

Add this code to the existing #darkbord CSS

#darkbord {
width: 960px;
margin-right: auto;
margin-left: auto;


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Thanks Peggy, are you sure? looks completely brown on both of my screens :/
Yep checked all three of my devices - PC, laptop and iPad - the Sub-navigation strip, category strip and footer all look to have a green tint.
I'm not complaining, I like it. :)

Luke F

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Looks sort of brown on my CRT and undeniably green on my LCD, neither of which are properly calibrated.


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If I were to want to replace the logo to where it encompassed the width and height of the header, how would I go about doing that? i.e I see the logo image and could replace that however I want to create a logo the encompasses the entire top portion of the theme. Thank you

Pope Viper

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Sean, I decided that this is going to be the skin I launch with, and am hoping to get your help. Can you provide a PSD of the banner.jpg with just the color/border, and no other images? This will give my graphics guy an excellent base to start from.

Also, will you be updating this for 1.1? Please say you are, and my money is yours!!


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Nice work, Sean!

(He did my skins for my original vB site and did fantastic work, reasonably priced, and fast). Highly recommend him.

Sean James

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I will be updating all of my skins free and premium when 1.1 is released. I am excited for this new release, will also be releasing Seamus for XF as well.

Thanks Jadmperry much appreciated ;)