XF 2.0 Block username registration?


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Is it possible to block specific usernames from getting registered? I would like to block a software name from getting registered, but not block software_user. I know that I can block any username from saying "company", but I don't want that. I want a specific name.

Block = username
Allow = username_me
Block = Microsoft
Allow = Microsoft_user

I know that I can create a user with that specific name to block it, but I don't want it to show up on a registered users list.

EDIT: I see that disabling the username will work. is that the best method? Create the user and disable it?
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Thanks, but that doesn't work. It blocks every username with the word.

The words or phrases in this field will not be allowed in any part of user names. Put each word or phrase on its own line. Entering 'tar' will disallow 'star' and 'tarnish' etc.
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