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Block spam COMPLETELY with no addons

Block spam COMPLETELY with no addons


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Solidus submitted a new resource:

Block spam COMPLETELY with no addons - You don't need addons to block spam, this method will ensure you never see spam again!

This is the easiest way to block 100% of spam without any addon. Let's do this!

First, in the admin panel go to Options > Spam Management.

Set Maximum Messages to Check for Spam to 2
Set Spam Phrases to block http://*
Set Action to Reject

Done, spam will never been seen again! However, it will be useful to notify new members of this restriction.
In the admin panel, select...
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Now to just be able to stop the spammers being able to register in the first place
Won't have to go through thousands of accounts to delete any more

Nelson T.

I installed this using [url=* with the bracket. Someone joined, and posted a link right off.


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Solidus updated Block spam COMPLETELY with no addons with a new update entry:

Block sneaky spammers / Quick reply notice

Add the following spam phrases to block sneaky spammers:

Bots usually post links, but human spammers may recognize your url blocking method and try posting domains without hyperlinks.


You can add a notice above the quick reply in addition to notice at...
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