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My site is supported by advertising served by various vendors. More and more people are using ad blockers, and I am worried it will eventually bring my site down by cutting significantly into the income even deeper.

Is there an add-on that will block ad blockers?

I imagine it would be fairly easy to write - placing some code mimicking the ad code at the beginning of the script. If the code runs, the forums load in the user's browser. If the code is blocked, the user is send to a page that asked them to "allow" the site to run ads (I believe many ad blockers have such a feature). Alternately, the redirect page could simply say, "you have to turn off your ad blocker in order to view this site."


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I don't think there is any easy way at all. It is all client side and ad blockers have access to more of your browser than the actual website does. The only way I can think of is to change things so it doesn't think they are ads.

However, you have to ask yourself who your target is. If it is for computer educated people browsing from home who know how to add extensions easily etc. Then you may have a problem. But if you are aiming at the general public or anyone who doesn't either work in IT or have a passion for computers (nerds if you will) then you shouldn't have much of a problem because these people generally won't have ad blockers.


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This can be done pretty easily by using a script such as Adblock Detector. If you know a little javascript you can embed it in your forum and hook it up with some javascript that will block / inform users that use adblock.

Of course this will only work if users have javascript enabled and it can easily be bypassed by simply blocking the Adblock Detector JS file, but only a very small percentage of users actually knows how to do this.