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Oh; are you referring to the missing/broken RSS feed on the "Specific Games" subforum? If not, that might be a problem too, heh heh.


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Or are you talking about the forum status icons on the left?
Actually it looks to me like your entire forum layout is out of whack, unless of course, you purposely moved the discussion and message counts, and latest post over to the left.


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You need to revert your navigation template if you've upgraded to Beta 4 due to a bug.

Then re-apply any edits you've made to it.


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Specific Games is a category, not a forum.

Hence no RSS icon.
Oh. Guess it's not a problem then! :p

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I do not see the message counts and latest posts on the left..
So you're referring to the blank spot next to Account Upgrades? That's probably coming from the Shoutbox (which, according to your latest post in the Updates forum, is added); go to Options -> TaigaChat in the ACP and uncheck "Add navbar tab." :)