Black Ops


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What does everyone think of black ops so far?

Does anyone else here have black ops on PS3? It would be cool to have a team death match against members of Xenforo ^_^ If you want my member ID just PM me =]


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Got it on PC, so far I'm happy with it, I've been searching for a "clan/group/community" to game with lately, as mine doesn't take any interest in Black Ops and it's some what on the low activity right now.

Campaign was really well done, LOVED it, kept me engaged all the way through, veteran though to be honest was ridiculous... on MW2 Veteran difficulty was enjoyable and still playable. Black ops Veteran is just terrible in my opinion, way to hard. I miss spec ops, and team match making, but I love Dedi servers, new weapons, kill streaks, it's very fun :)


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Liked the campaign and zombies is fun...multiplayer in any of the COD games (this one included) sucks. It's just run and shoot/die. No strategy. I prefer BF2BC for multiplayer.


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Haven't got it yet ... the missus wants to buy me it for my birthday ... which is at the end of the month so I've got to wait. DANG!!!!


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It's pretty nice, although I've always preferred Infinity Ward's games over Treyarch ones. I've only started playing through the campaign on veteran, so I'm saving multiplayer for last. (Probably around when my Xbox forum opens up.)