XF 1.2 Birthdays in Notices

Mr Lucky

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It appears I can display a notice to a single user if it is their birthday, but can I display a notice to everyone saying Happy Birthday to the users whose birthday it is on that day (without having to do it manually)

ie I would like a permanent notice set up, but which displays to all but only when someone has a birthday, and the notice mentions that User's birthday.

Is this possible please?


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I don't think that's possible. I think you can only display it to the user whose birthday it is and I *think* that once they dismiss it they won't see it again (?)

I use the Notifications add-on to do what you want to do - see this post for details.


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Dismissed notices won't show again unless the member restores them in their account preferences: http://xenforo.com/community/account/preferences

You would need to make a new notice for each year if you wanted one to show every birthday.
I wish, I would have known this before. You mean the birthday criteria does not make the notice recurring (even though it is not dismissed)? To me it is strange because at the time of setting date criteria, the phrase says, "Today is user's birthday" which gives an impression that it will appear every time it is user's birthday.


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What you quoted deals specifically with the notice being dismissed.
For some reasons, birthday criteria is not working on our forum. It worked last year but the same notice did not appear again. I even created a new one which is not showing up.