Bios Flashing


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I am just wondering how many people here have had a machine or a component of one terminate it's useful life in rejection to you flashing an updated bios. I have never lost a worthy device though long in my past I believe I have lost some crap machines (old dell's basically) doing some of the bios updates that we're labeled as recommended. I called to ask and they said since my term had expired I would have to pay $50 to speak to them in regards to any question. Yeah ok, the computer was worth $50 , LoL keep it, thanks.

Fast forward to today, I reinstalled 11 OS's on different machines in my home and flashed an updated bios revision on all the components that needed it (MB, VGA, etc.. 6 total) with no issues and it was relatively quick, minus the one that had to be done command line with an app that doesn't work on x64. ( so my side question is what is a working solution, exe or command line tool regardless, to check bios revisions running on hardware that obfuscates it) I managed to get it done but it couldn't be done inside the OS.

So yeah, who here has wanted to do maintenance on their computer and got punished for doing the diligent and lets here about it.