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Bind Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut in template editor (version 1.0) - Easily save your template modifications in two keystrokes.

This quick and easy How-To will tell you how to bind the Ctrl+S key combination into a useful keyboard shortcut within XenForo template editor.

You will have go through admin templates modification, so this requires to enable XenForo debug mode. Generally speaking, I recommend to use this modification only on your local copy of XenForo for development purposes.

  1. Step 0 : Enabling debug mode

    Edit config.php and add the following line...
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Chris D

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Nice work :)

This is a good tip.

Just in case you've not seen it, you might like the Template Syntax add-on by Naatan.

This actually replaces the entire text area with a very functional Code Mirror instance which includes line numbers, search, syntax highlighting, tabs - well too many features to mention.

One of the features is various hotkeys including Ctrl+S.

Your guide is very useful for many people who don't need all those extra features.