XF 1.3 Big problem of security which comes PLS HELP

Hello everyone since 1.3.2 I have a big problem a security error message that appears suddenly I no longer understand if someone can please help me I made him an admin access to it or see the problem and

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Have you logged out, and logged back in again? What exactly are you doing when that error happens? Does it keep happening on every page or action or just every now and then? Does it happen to everyone or just you? Have you recently installed any add-ons? Changed anything on your server? Or has your host changed anything?
sorry I'm french so my english and its not too good happens to all the world temp in Temp addons I have not but I know what the problem is how little I see.?
Have you disabled functions on your server ? probably some functions are disabled.And can you please deactivate all adons and try again.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I would recommend contacting your host.

It sounds like there could be sever issues affecting the server. Though not sure why that particular error would be given.
Hello all still the same problem I disabled all addons and Still the problem please help me I call my hosting provider told me it's not from us vien