Awaiting feedback Big difference to phrases between rc1 and rc2

Affected version
XenForo 2.0.0 RC2


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I finished translating the rc1 and on the end I get 8773 phrases.

I just updated to rc2, there were 5 new sentences and some outdated, but when I export the language file, I get 5525 phrases.

I don't understand why there is this huge difference, do you think I made a mistake?

For those who translated the RC2 version, how many translated versions?

What is strange, if I look at the file src/addons/XF/_data/phrases.xml, there are -> 5479 phrases

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I have a clean installation of XF2.0 since the beta phase started and my language pack have now 5529 phrase. I didn't install any add-on.


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Can you upload both of the XML files, showing the large difference in phrases?

At a guess, one of your exports is XF phrases only and the other has no add-on restriction. The latter probably includes a large number of "orphaned" phrases (ones that don't exist in XF itself any longer), as they won't be associated with the XF add-on in the DB.