XF 1.4 Big database


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Hello ,

I have a forum with :
Discussions: 18,248
Messages: 65,712
Members : 8500

The database size is 1.1 GB , in my opinion is too large .
Also in latest months i have sent mass private messages , and i dont know how to
empty the "inbox" of every user . How can i make that size of database small ? is any
tabel of cache or something like that to empty ? Optimize or something..thanks .


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Why do you perceive the database to be too large?
It won't specifically affect the operation of the forum.

You could switch to Enhanced Search and then truncate the search index table.

You can also limit how long IP addresses are stored and disable the bb code cache.

Those few things would likely reduce it in size quite a lot, at the expense of not having a complete history of IP addresses.