XF 1.2 Big Board, how long to import? Will everything port over?


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Quick question for those familiar/experienced with importing a big board...

Ive got a vB board with 61k members, 17M posts, and likely a sizeable amount of PMs.

Any rough estimates on how long that would take to import given sufficient CPU and disk i/o (24+westmere cores, SSD arrays, etc)?

Also, some of of the users have paid subscriptions via paypal, will those all port over without issue?

What are the typical gotchyas that need to be watched for during an import?


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Your users, PCs, and posts should all easily port over. That size would most likely take a decent amount of time using the web based importer, but I haven't imported enough forums to give an accurate account. I believe user upgrades are imported, but recurring subscriptions are not. I'll have to check on that one specifically.


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Thanks @Jeremy for the speedy response. My biggest concern with recurring subscriptions is that its got me handcuffed to vB for the rest of my life :-(


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Recurrence will always be an issue. Different systems require different information to be passed around for it to work so it's not something that's particularly easy to import. It may be possible, but would likely need to be tuned specifically to your setup.