Better way of displaying "Your Posts" and "Your Threads"?


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We recently moved to XF from vB 3.8 and our users have since been complaining a little bit about how "Your threads" and "Your posts" are presented when they use "Search->Useful searches->".

In good old vBulletin it looks more like the picture below which resembles the "Watched threads" or "Watched forums" view in XF.

The advice I've given them is to use the "useful searches" to find their old threads and then manually add them to the watched list.

I'm wondering if anyone has a better solution? It would have been so great if the results was presented in the same fashion as "Watched threads" with the full set of easy to read tables, pages links, unread posts indication etc etc.


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When you go to your profile you can click on the "Postings" tab to see both of those lists combined. To the right you can see whether it's a "Post" you made, a "Thread" that you created, or a "Profile Post" that you did.