Better Hosting Solutions so mails not blacklisted

I am planning to launch a forum, ofcourse that will be sending subscription to thread emails and other emails for the members.

what is the best hosting solutions so mails sending from the forum are not blacklisted.

If all plans goes well, i would expect 100,000 members in the first year and growing.

I know there are better hosting companies like a2hosting, urljet, bluehost vps , rackspace

wondering about mail setup.

can somebody suggest proactive setup for mails and mail servers . So the mails originating from m forum are not rejected or blacklisted. Even if it is blacklisted what should i do to remove it



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Whatever host you go with, specifically ask for an IP address that has no spam blacklist issues.

Certainly, once you get assigned IPs, check them yourself for trouble.
Here are two ways to check lots of lists:

If the IP has any listings, request another.

Once you get the site running, it's important to do everything you can to stay clean.
Use DKIM and SPF. Of course, don't send spam. :)
Make sure any lists you have are true double opt-in.
Keep your list clean by always removing undeliverable emails after they bounce.
Sign up for Outlook's Junk Email Reporting Program: