Better handling for usergroup banners

Jake B.

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We currently get a lot of tickets/questions about how the "bannerPrimary", "bannerSecondary" are completely different colors in styles, and how the others have different styling (missing gradient, different text colors, etc) than is displayed in the AdminCP since it is loading user_banner.css from the master style, it seems, so primaryColor and secondaryColor are more than likely going to be different on any third party style so what you see in the adminCP when editing a user group isn't actually representative of what you'll see on your board. Maybe for XF2 have a style toggle that lets you see how it'll appear by loading in user_banner.css (or the equivilent) of the style you've selected so you'll actually see what it's going to look like on that style, and there aren't any surprises that "bannerPrimary" is actually green instead of blue, for example.
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