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XF 1.3 Better Blogs 403 Error on Google

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by Recep Baltaş, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Recep Baltaş

    Recep Baltaş Well-Known Member

    Users are unable to see blog entries if they are not logged in.

    Nearly 600 blog entries are unreachable to users without an account an this is making me lose 10% traffic after switching to Xenforo.

    I am very happy with all but this is a huge problem. Where can I set the permissions ?

  2. Rigel Kentaurus

    Rigel Kentaurus Well-Known Member

    The mods here are going to tell you that Blogs is an add-on and that you need to ask the author (me) on the relevant thread :)

    I believe this might be because you did not give the "Can View" permission to the guest user group.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.36.41 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.36.50 AM.png
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  3. Recep Baltaş

    Recep Baltaş Well-Known Member

    Duh, just saw it. Thanks pal :)


    BTW, the mods better pay you some and just inetgrate it into the core software :) Blog is a must!

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