Best way to redirect an imported forum on another domain name

Black Tiger

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I did a conversion my forums, for example from ipb to Xen. Then I used the redirect addon to redirect and this works fine.

Now the difficulty.
There is another forum, let's call it which at this moment is residing on a totally different server. This is an SMF forum.
Importing into the forum is not a problem, but how do we redirect?

Because for the time being, we would like to keep the old mail accounts of active either on old or new server.
But the forums will be on the new server.

I can change the nameservers to the new server and move the complete to the new server, that is not a big problem.

It's also possiblel to just point A records to the new server. But in a couple of weeks, will reside on the new server and will only be used to redirect to anyway.
So in a couple of weeks the domain will not have it's own webspace/mail on the new server anymore, only dns records.

I can use the SMF redirection script on the new server, but I would like to get this working the best way. How do I accomplish this? If possible on the new server.

These are my worries.
If I create a pointer to the but then I presume the redirects won't work anymore because there will be no requests to anymore via the importer, correct?
Another option is to create a 301 redirect on the old server, which would probably work, but the domain will not reside there long and on the new server it won't have webspace (in a couple of weeks), so I think the best to use this on the new server, but I'm having the same concern about this.

So what is the best way to do this considering all the above, so the SMF redirect addon will keep working?

P.s. both the ipb and smf redirect addons need to work if possible.