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Best vb addons


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I dont have the time to wait for addons i need, i dont have the knowledge to program everything for myself, and i dont want to give too much time for a project, because i have a lot of and more for a normal life.

So i have another idea, if XF dont want or have not enough rescources, lets find some people with money and one or two programmers. Lets talk about every important addon we found with vb, lets produce them, lets sell them for a small money to make a lot of people using them and using xf for shure also.

If we have success every investor should have some bucks back, if not we have all the addons we want.

But i am really shure that nobody wants to wait for vb5 or use another boardware if we give the world these 20 or 30 perfect made addons.

I dont know to start an international business, i dont know enough english to read a good book, but i know enough to be a successful one here in germany.

If there is any programer interested in this, while i prefer someone speaking german and living in germany, i could think about some thousands of euros to start a business like i have suggested. If this is possible over frontiers i dont know but i will give it a try also.

Just an idea, just a ball, if someone wants to take him and send him back, lets do it - there is no board after vb3 that is a real winner, means the one with a good engine and all needed addons could be the new vb3 and the standard for boards in web.

Ernest L. Defoe

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The thing is XF isn't vB3 and it wasn't designed to be. XF is XF. Might be best to tell us what addons you need and maybe just maybe someone can point you in the right direction cause some of them may already be made. If they aren't then people can gauge interest in it and someone that does know how to make addons might be willing to make said addons for the community based on the interest. Just making a general we need addons statement when you may or may not have looked at the Resource Manager to see what is there is pointless. You need to be specific about what you need or want. If everyone here wanted XF to be like vB3 then we would be using vB3 instead of XF. XF already sets the curve when it comes to modern forum software. So if you feel something is missing then please be more specific about what you are looking for.


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What mods are you missing?

XF is the best forum platform out there. It's not trying to be vB, it has its own style and personality - but is similar enough to the forum paradigm to make it easy for your users to make the transition. For every thing you lose, you gain something 10 times better.