"Best" threads - something in between stickies and post ratings


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One of my members suggested we set up a system where Mods and other long time users can mark certain important or well-done threads.....which would then be easily findable.

Since we are an informational forum, we already have some super-threads that are stickies in each node, but this would allow us to add more in a virtual manner - not taking up screen space unless the user wanted to list them or search them.

I saw the Post rating system - that doesn't seem quite right for this as I don't need a bunch of choices in the ratings....and more need something easy to search and list after.

Are there any other add-ons which folks have used for something like the "best of" thread/post system?
I had a similar idea, but only went as far as planning some of it out. It would require members/contributors promoting content, and then having mod or staff approval. Was going to be in conjuction with user promotions so that people could earn free premium memberships and access to site perks.
Prefixes are kinda tough for a number of reasons. They will do some of the job, but I'm thinking something much easier to search and list across all nodes, etc.

Example - new visitors gets to the site and wants to see the 50 top threads of all time (our own rating)...I think that would be hard with prefixes.

We do use prefixes in a number of ways and I expect to use them more in the future...but for other things....mostly labeling as per exactly what the content is.
My first thought was also prefixes. But when used across multiple nodes there is no way to list them all on one page. You could create an addon to handle the listing of prefixed threads. That would be the easiest way to go.
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