Best practice - storage of attachments (images)


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We run a photography community forum and want to make use of the attachment function in Xenforo to allow members to put images into their threads. Our question is what is the best practice to store (and serve) these attachments considering that there would be (in the long run) multi-gigabytes of files.

We are on Amazon AWS thus storage would be scalable as required on EC2 instances.

A) Hosted and served directly from server instance(s).
B) Use Amazon S3 and Cloudfront - there is an add-on that does this and we are probably going to try it out during our testing period. We do have some questions mainly around what happens if we stop using the add-on and want to retrieve the files off S3.
C) Other suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your collective guidance and wisdom.


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The [bd] Attachment Store add-on allows you to 'keep local copy' (ie the default upload location) - in this way you may test the add-on and roll back if necessary.