Best Live-Chat add on to use for my forum?


Hi guys,

I am owner of

We desperately need some kind of 'live chat' feature at the bottom or the side of the forum. The forum is based around an iOS/Android game which offers real time PvP fights between players - hence the live chat would be a great and much needed way for players to organise fights in live time.

I was wondering if somebody could direct me to the best option (Add on?) for this? doesn't matter too much if it's paid for or free, although obviously, the cheaper option would be ideal.

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Mr Lucky

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Did you find one in the end? If so, which?

I'm sticking with the free Taigachat as I discovered a chat isn't really something my members need very much. Every now and then they have a bit of fun, but to be honest it takes away from the forum so I won't be getting any paid chat in the near future.

I think those things work well for tech support, but not something that enhances my forum much if at all.