Best Linux Distro


What's the best linux distro for work, it's important that it should be stable and flawlessly working like Mac OS.



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Have been running CentOS for ages, and have never experienced problems. Have had servers with uptime of well over 1000 days with CentOS. I'd say that's pretty stable. :D :D
CentOS and some debian. Linux Mint for desktop.

For me, desktop distro preferences tend to change from time to time. I'd use whatever tickles you the most :)


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I've been using Elementary OS. It's similar visually to Mac OS and is built on Ubuntu for its foundation. It depends on what you need for work, though. You mentioned Mac OS in the OP, so thought I'd throw this out there. heh.

Provided an image for how it is coming out of the box on the left and then my personal configuration on the right below.