Best hosting for xenforo


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What is the best hosting provider for xenforo.
I had now a belgian host that is just not good enough in service. I have a vps 1gb speed, 30gb space but i only use about max 5gb. What do you guys recommend?
Is it important to take a host in your own country? Because it's a dutch site(Belgium).



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If majority of your userbase is only from one region I've heard having a server there itself may help. But you can also try other servers :) Currently I live far away (almost on the other side of the world!) from my hosts server, and I still love my host.

You can try their shared hosting ( or semi-dedicated ( For your needs they should be good, I used the shared basic (note: my forum isn't live yet). If you want you can check out , they offer good advise on hosting, and you can contact mddhosting sales from their site or on webhosting talk (they have a good reputation there as well).

Good luck in getting a better host! Just a personal suggestion, never go for those who offer unlimited bandwidth/disk space. I've experienced the sites that say unlimited usually are slower since they happen to oversell sometimes.


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if you have a vps then there is not much need for service if the host-system is running fine...but much depending on wich virtulisation is in use and how much knowledge you have as server-admin.

in first case i recommend to find a local hoster if you have mostly members/visitors from your country. this will normally be the best for fastest connections...depends on the isp.

if you have members/visitors from all over the world then you can allmost use any good isp/hoster...the problem is to find what you need...cheep is not allways good and eaven expensive isn´t allways.

much important is the location and network-infrastructure of the isp/hoster. London and/or Frankfurt would be a good start for you to look at. I pers. recommend xen virtualised vps if needed... most sites don´t need a vps and just run fine on a shared host.

to find the right thing for you is often a long term search and read at sites wich talk about hosters. as long as you can get month to month contracts you may have to try a bunch of them or may get a test account before. you´ll may not find the right one at first stage but you´ll learn a lot thru your way.

asking much will give you a lot of diff. answers wich often(in this term) lead to confusing


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The problem is that i need some provider that can convert my installation to theres...
Most web hosts provide shifting from other hosts for free, including mddhosting.

I suggest you go to webhostingtalk and create a account, post your needs and I'm sure you'll get suggested to a good host provider. Also make sure to read reviews, there are reviews of almost every reputable web hosts on WHT, so you can first research and then shift. It took me almost 8 days to decide on MDDHosting :) take your time to find a host which suites your needs!