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Beige Sparkle Group Icon Set


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This set contains 30 beige sparkle, reflective group icons for you to use on your new XenForo Community.
There are 30 pre-made group icons and a .psd file for you to use in editing and creating your own style.
You can change the colors, fonts or add in more goodies to spruce 'em up! They are yours to do as you choose.
I only ask that you do not redistribute these icons in any way, free or otherwise. Other than that, have fun
and use 'em as you see fit! :)
Contents: 30 pre-made group icons, 1 .psd file & 1 screen shot



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Very nice. You are a great designer Evanescence. Always liked your worked back in the day when I was using ipb 2.3x. Hope to see you release some great themes for xenforo too :)


Please note that this effect won't be achieved by just uploading images, this requires a template customization to go along with it.


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Thank you so much everyone! :)
I'm really excited to get a jump on some great skins as soon as I can get my paws on the first beta.
I feel like a kid at Christmas. LOL
I'll have a few more goodies uploaded here shortly, I just have to get a couple skin upgrades done
before I can give it my full attention.

@Floris - Thank you. I was wondering how we would go about using these as I think they add a
nice touch to the author's details in a post.


Since the box already has "new member" in it, you'd have to remove it from there, make the css for this button, and put it outside the div, and use the phrase again (or just go old school and use the image tag).

But the above button can be achieved with css, and a transp sparkle.png image for the sparkle.

Core Freedom

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These are GREAT and would go nicely with the theme I had planned. Would someone please tell me how/where to install them and how exactly to get the sparkle to to take effect?
Thank you Evanescence!