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bbPress Importer 1.0.0

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bbPress Importer - Set of SQL Queries to import Data from bbPress over to xenForo

NOTE: This has been tested to work on a blank xenForo forum only.

I have attached the SQL script that imports the data from bbPress into Xenforo. I could not find any script to import bbPress 2.5+ data into xenForo and even tried bbPress to phpBB to xenForo but those 2 step process had their own issues.

So I created SQL script based on the bbPress to phpBB importer by iamsteadman on github. It imports...
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How does this actually work? Where do I run it -- directly in the db as a sql command?

If that's how, I take it, it only works if both BBpress and XF are both on the same server?

Sorry for the noob questions.

EDIT: OK figured it out. Word to the wise, take note of Chris below.
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Chris D

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It has been identified that this importer does work, but it may leave some missing records which may affect certain features in XF, such as editing users.

It is recommended that after importing you should additionally run these queries to cover any possible missing records:
INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_user_option (user_id) SELECT user_id FROM xf_user;
INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_user_privacy (user_id) SELECT user_id FROM xf_user;
INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_user_profile (user_id) SELECT user_id FROM xf_user;
INSERT IGNORE INTO xf_user_authenticate (user_id) SELECT user_id FROM xf_user;