XF 1.2 BBCodes for User Upgrades instead of HTML?


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I noticed only html is allowed in user upgrade description content, is there a option anywhere to allow bbcodes instead of html?

Or will this feature already be in 1.3 and no need for this?


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I understand that bb code is used for posts and unsafe to use HTML, but for the user upgrade section account/upgrades when people visit the description content I can use HTML but not BB Codes.

So is it safe to use HTML for user upgrades since that is the only option?

I am just trying to see how I can use BB Codes instead of HTML when writing up the description content.


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Yes, you as an administrator are providing the content for display on your site. This is considered safe. User generated content is where raw HTML is unsafe. You'll need an add-on to allow you to use BBCodes.


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If you are unsure how to create content using HTML, create it as a post using BB Codes.
Then view the source, copy and paste the HTML.