XF 1.5 bbcodes displaying in the search results


Hi, (apologies for my poor english)

I don't like bbcodes text like [IMG} , emoticons like :royelles:, [ATTACH}..., etc. displaying in the search results.

How to make the images, emoticons, etc. appear? And if this is not possible, how to make bbcodes text not appear (nothing)? Or images or nothing, but not text.

I would prefer that the images appear, but if it can not be, then that nothing appears.
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That's how the content is stored in posts/the index - in plain text form.

If you want to remove or parse it from search results. it would require custom development.


Thank you, Brogan.

Is it possible to prevent the search index from including certain characters like bbcodes [IMG} , emoticons :royelles:, [ATTACH}, etc. to prevent them from appearing in the search results?

(I use Enhanced Search).