XF 2.2 BBCode Showing on threads?


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I am still very new to xenforo but need help figuring out this small thing, and I'm not sure how to fit it, but it's starting to get very annoying. So I am on my site, making up threads as I go, and for some reason, whenever I push the post or edit button and save again, the BBcode for Indent and Bullet points show in the preview instead of just indenting the sentence themselves. I'm not sure if I need to add anything to my extra.less or fidget with the BBcode settings, but nothing's working.

( [ LIST ] is the bullet points )

I am also using this addon here, I tried fidgetting with it as well but to no avail [ Editor & BB Code Manager ]

It will also keep jumping down to the very bottom of the page whenever I highlight things; not sure if that's a fixable problem, but I'll mention it in case anyone knows.

Thanks in advanced!
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