XF 1.5 BBCode rendering: Configure noFollowDefault, shortenUrl, imgToSmilie?


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this is probably a very stupid question, sorry.

When using custom BBCodes with callbacks (or more generally, in the whole BBCode rendering process),
among the passed parameter values there are following three booleans:

noFollowDefault: Links get a rel=nofollow
shortenUrl: Shorten long links with "..."
imgToSmilie: img-Tags with urls that matches known smiley urls are replaces with the actual smileys.

(A comment in library/XenForo/BbCode/Formatter/Base.php agrees with my description of their meaning)

What I wonder: Where can these things be configured (if at all? If not, Why variables at all?)?
While I didn't check 100% of the ACP, I just can't image where to search.

(especially, noFollowDefault during actual rendering is the opposite of the codes default value for me)
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These are only configurable in the code, when parsing is triggered. Alternatively, they can be changed by a tag and then passed down to children. (That doesn't apply to the examples you gave, but it is used with other elements).


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