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Xon submitted a new resource:

BbCode pages - Enhance pages with bb-code

Adds a "bb-code mode" to Page node type, which supports bb-code and attachments, with edit history support.

Page nodes in 'bb-code mode' support editing via the front-end, in addition to the admincp.

The original "template" data is updated with the HTML of what a guest would see for that bb-code.

  • View attachments to pages
  • Can edit any page
  • Upload attachments to pages
  • Upload videos to pages
  • Attachment Size (kb)
  • Maximum Attachment Count

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Thanks Xon! This makes editing pages a breeze. We're converting our documentation over to these pages and it has been a pleasure. This is a little preview of how it works:

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Xon updated BbCode pages with a new update entry:

1.0.3 - Bugfix update.

  • Fix handling of when an admin edits a non-bb-code page and saves it as bb-code. This fixes cases where attachment counter bugs count and doesn't correctly work.

    When an admin edits a non-bb-code page from the front-end, the existing template will be rendered to html and then to bb-code. This is a lossy and not particularly reliable process, so it is recommended the original template contents is kept on hand to be manually converted to bb-code

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