XF 1.3 BBCode "[Code]" timeout by loading

Hey XenForo-Community,

i have a problem with my Forum installation.
When i post a Thread or a normal post it wouldn't load the "Code" Interface by clicking on it.

How can i fix this?

Thanks for your help. :)

yours faithfully,


The Forum which has the Problem: Click me!


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What happens when it is clicked?
Any error messages?
You can use a browser console to see what's happening.

The first step would be to disable all add-ons and remove any additional javscript you have added and test again.
Hello Brogan,

this is the browser console output by clicking on it.

When i click on it nothing happen its only the loading screen.

After disable all add-ons the problem is still present.


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Your console output still shows add-ons being enabled. Please show the console output with all add-ons disabled.

Further, please confirm the issue with an unmodified style.