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bug: when you spoiler content that isn't aligned left it doesn't display properly. duplicates the Show button 2 or 3 times over.


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Works fine for me using this code:

[spoiler=This is a test][RIGHT]Test[/RIGHT][/spoiler]

Or this:

[RIGHT][spoiler=This is a test]Test[/spoiler][/RIGHT]

I suspect the problem is due to badly formed opening and closing tags.

Luke B

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Hello all,
Wonderful add on but I can't seem to get these two to work.
[float="left"]Floating Left![/float]
[float="center"]Floating Center[/float]
The default [float="right"] works perfectly. I'm sure I'm missing something super easy. All I'm trying to do is wrap text around an image.


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No rush on this... using <hr /> gave me the same output as using <hr> for the replacement. I'm getting 3 horizontal rule lines. This might be a matter of needing to style the horizontal rule line itself, but I've no idea how to do that in Xenforo. It was a nightmare getting it to work at VB.

Thanks for the help!


i'm not sure why you are having an issue but the
horizontal rule tag worked fine for me. options are shown in the attached screen shot


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