XF 1.4 Batch update privacy

Mr Lucky

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After importing from phpbb, I find that all users have their profile set to show full date of birth (presumably this was a default setting I should have changed before importing)

Is there an easy way to change these profile settings for all users privacy retrospectively?

ie so that in the existing profiles of all users:

Show day and month of birth
Show year of birth

become unticked



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UPDATE xf_user_option SET show_dob_year = 0;
UPDATE xf_user_option SET show_dob_date = 0;
Take a backup first.
However, I also tripped across this post saying...
UPDATE `xf_user_option` SET `show_dob_year`='0';
UPDATE `xf_user_option` SET `show_dob_date`='0';
and wondered, are the 'single quotes' required or not?

On a sidenote, if these two fields are un-checked in the User Registration default values when a data import is performed from vB, will ALL imported users have them unchecked as a result?
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