Batch Update -- Custom User Titles


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Currently, you an change all usertitles to whatever you want in one update. You cannot erase all of them at once.

My suggestion, add an option to mass reset all Custom User Fields back to empty, once again starting with the normal as you would have upon a new install.


Simply another box at the bottom, with "Remove Custom User Titles".



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Please do this i have just migrated from ipb and do not want this feature anymore i have disabled it but want to remove all the ones that were imported.


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I really could have done with this capability just now.

I have a user group promotion whereby users who meet the criteria gain the ability to add/edit a custom title. I have several users who no longer meet the criteria. As this suggestion hasn't been implemented

I was looking to remove their custom titles through a batch update but can't, so I'll have to do it one-by-one.

So yes please to implementing this suggestion!