Duplicate Custom user titles set to 0 or 1

Affected version
Since updating to the latest release of XenForo (v2.2.12) I've had some members coming to me and complaining that their member ranks (titles) have been changed to 0 and through no actions of a mod or admin. I examined the database and found that a lot of members had suddenly been given values in the 'custom_title' field (under xf_user) of 0 or 1. If I edit a user and simply delete the 0 or 1 entry then the original and correct ranking titles return.

I don't know if the devs are aware of this bug, but in the meantime, I'm a bit of a MySQL 5.7 novice and would like to know what's the best SQL command to mass remove the 0 and 1 entries from the custom_title field so that they're just left blank/null like normal?
This has already been reported.

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