XF 2.2 Batch undelete using moderation?


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Hi someone suggested this on another thread.

However you can do this on the front end. If they are all in one forum, or all by one user, you can use moderation.

We have a user (now banned) who savagely deleted over 100 posts before we found out, creating holes in many threads.

How would I "batch undelete" one member's delete posts using moderation? Or any other method?

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You don't need to spend money for functionality which is built in.

Yes, true, I also always prefer to know the way of doing things that is native to Xenforo.

But in this case we already use many of Andy's very useful addons (one subscription price fits all), and so it doesn't matter how many we use, the cost remains the same. :)


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Either way it's gonna take a lot if they're not just "over 100" like in my case. Why don't you just add the undelete option in the batch update options?