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XF 1.4 Batch / Bulk update user state?

For the last 24 hours our mailer IP has been on a Microsoft / Hotmail blacklist. Lots of members have seen their accounts being restricted as their emails have bounced and their account has been flagged as 'Email invalid (bounced)'.

I've had to turn off the bounced email handler, now I need to reset all the accounts back to valid.

Could someone tell me what the SQL query would be please?




XenForo moderator
Staff member
What didn't work?
The query is valid - I tested it.

Perhaps the existing state isn't 'email_bounce'.
In which case you will need to check and update the query as required.


Active member
@Brogan, Would you be able to assist with a query to batch update all users that have not logged in for a certain period and change their state to Awaiting Email Confirmation?