XF 1.2 Banner header image and responsive design


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I'm struggling with my design (I'm really awful in html and css). I have a banner right to my logo. But it's really close to the logo. How can I center it more?

The second problem is when I make my screen smaller/narrower. The banner changes position, but there appear big arrows under my forum logo at the place where you normally have the text home and forums. It's because the quick navigation bar disappears. How can I prevent this? I have attached the screenshots, I hope you can help :)

Here are the arrows, just under the Scooterforum.net logo.
Screenshot 2014-03-02 15.38.54.png

And in this image I don't know how to move the banner some more to the right. I want to have it centered in the remaining space between the logo scooterforum.net and the right border of the screen.
Screenshot 2014-03-02 15.38.31.png