XF 1.2 Banner ads in notices

Mr Lucky

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I'm still experimenting,,but have tried putting banner (edited) ads in notices. It seems to work well, users can dismiss the ads which I like. The banners are nicely responsive.

Are there any reasons why this is a bad idea?
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Nope! I don't see any reason why this would be a bad idea. In fact it's probably a good one! All the notices are doing are wrapping what ever you put into the 'message' box in <div> tags and giving them a little CSS, nothing special (or harmful).

Mr Lucky

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OK, that's good. I really like the idea of the ads being dismissable and it's an easy way to rotate them.

I need to edit my post, it should be "banner ads" of course , not "ban ads"

OTOH, you could make one notice a list of "this weeks banned members" :sneaky: