Banned IP list: Make Host Blacklisting /Reputation visible


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The banned IP list quickly fills up on a busy site. Leaving you with a mass IPs and hard to see which IP addresses need re-evaluation. It would be really useful if the host would be visible. And if the host is on a blacklist. This would allow us to easily review our IP bans.

For example: you generally don't want to ban valid hosts.
But if you are already dealing with a problematic host, then you generally do want to ban a host that is blacklisted for spam, open proxy, Hackers, Spyware, Botnets etc.
You probably want to block the whole IP-range/subnet to prevent further issues.

Therefore I would like to suggest each banned IP to have a Checkmark or X Cross icon next to it to depict if the IP is clean or blacklisted. Clicking on it would lead to a page that shows this information. For example:

With that information its really easy for admins to see if IP bans need review and to just add the whole subnet of a bad host if needed.

Additionally this could be the basis for further security functionality, if there is a definition of valid/problematic host.

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